Porcelain veneers explained

We provide custom-made porcelain veneers in Newport Beach that can transform the shape and color of your teeth.

Just two to three appointments can change the way our patients experience life – all thanks to a thin, translucent porcelain shell placed on the surface of the teeth.

Veneers have long been used for cosmetic purposes among people who are unhappy with the natural appearance of their smiles.

Porcelain veneers can provide greater symmetry to the face, reshape chipped, broken, or misaligned teeth, and help create a brighter, whiter smile than is possible with traditional teeth whitening. Ceramic veneers are bonded to the teeth and only require minimal preparation. Their translucent appearance provides life-like aesthetics. Porcelain veneers are unlikely to stain, and are resistant to fracture when well cared for. They tend to last for many years, in some instances even a decade or more, before needing to be replaced.

A beautiful smile with straight, white teeth

Porcelain veneers designed and delivered by a highly-trained, experienced dentist will result in a harmonious, natural looking smile. The teeth will be straight, even, and aligned without looking ‘bought’, and the color will be bright without looking fake. With proper care, veneers can last anywhere from 10-20+ years. A well-done set of veneers will look better than dental bonding and last longer. Your smile will have a natural-looking luster and sparkle. Veneers cannot be repaired if broken or chipped; they must be replaced. For this reason, taking good care of your new smile is important.

What is the clinical process for veneers?

Over three office visits, Dr. Vartanian designs customized veneers that match your facial features perfectly, giving you a symmetrical, inviting smile. The first step is to select the tooth color that makes your smile look the most natural. Next, Dr. Vartanian removes  a thin layer of enamel from the teeth. Then, digital impressions are taken of your teeth to fabricate your models. Diagnostic wax-ups are done next. 

All cosmetic and restorative cases involving more than four teeth require wax-ups. These ‘temporaries’ serve as a ‘test drive’ before the customized porcelain veneers are finalized. During this time, the patient gives Dr. Vartanian feedback which he uses to adjust the temporaries; he will then use the perfected temporaries as a model for the porcelain veneers. After a few weeks, the temporaries are removed and the custom veneers are bonded onto the teeth.

Are veneers right for me?

Almost anyone dissatisfied with the shape and color of their teeth is a candidate for veneers. In general, here are some reasons to pursue porcelain veneers:

  • Teeth are not uniform in size or are asymmetrical
  • You hide your smile behind your hand or avoid showing teeth altogether
  • Teeth are yellow or otherwise discolored
  • Teeth are crooked or jagged
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Caring for your veneers

For your lovely smile to last, oral hygiene and routine dental visits are a must. Veneers are an improvement, not an impediment. It is typically okay to continue eating most of your normal foods. However, patients should avoid grinding their teeth, biting hard candies or other objects, and chewing ice and crunchy foods. Just like normal teeth, chipped and broken veneers are avoidable if proper care is taken.

Twice daily brushing and flossing before bed should be standard practice, along with regular dental check-ups at least twice a year. Porcelain veneers cannot be bleached or whitened, and the color chosen during the initial visit will remain throughout the life of the veneers. We will help you choose the best shade for your perfect smile.

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When veneers are not the right choice

Veneers are appropriate for many people, however there are some instances when patients should talk to Dr. Vartanian about other options. If any of the below applies to you, porcelain veneers may not be the right choice.

A consultation will provide you with more information regarding other treatments that can give you a more confident smile.

  • You want to eliminate black triangles between your teeth
  • You do not want your existing teeth to be prepared
  • Your teeth have very thin amounts of enamel
  • Your teeth are severely worn down
  • You plan to whiten your teeth regularly
  • You have significant tooth decay on some teeth
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